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Generator Space, Omaha, NE

SISSI reclaims an insult hurled across schoolyards and streets to shame and dehumanize by redefining the term as an epithet of pride and empowerment. This exhibition features six artists--Jared Brown, Jared Buckheister, J. Michael Ford, Walker Green, Dawuane Lamont Hayes, Matt Morris--hailing from Omaha, New York City, and Chicago. SISSI celebrates the feminine, while pointing to the social and cultural forces that regulate and oppress gender expression.

A guiding objective of this exhibition is to memorialize the ongoing and historic erasure of gender non conforming individuals through artistic gestures that privilege quietness, risk being overlooked, and sometimes eliminate objecthood all together. The rigid enforcement of gender expression requires that those operating outside its framework use subversive strategies and coded content to infect and infiltrate--stealthily opening discourse that challenges the status quo

left: Jared Buckheister, Twelve Bullies and a Bucket Revised
right: Matt Morris, Baton Rouge is a Colonizer’s Name and so is Psychloche 

left: exhibition take away artwork by Walker Green
right: Jared Brown, Masc off 03 & Masc off 04

Walker Green, This work isn’t perfect but neither are you II

J. Michael Ford, untitled 

SISSI take away

Artwork by Walker Greene and interview by Jared Ledesma with Matt Morris. Designed by Dawaune Lamont Hayes. Click on images below to download.